Chromebook Pixel Aims To Steal Apple’s Laptop Crown

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Who Runs The World? Girls Apple. Who wants a piece of that pie? Google. Apple changed the planet as we know it with smartphones and tablets, which automatically pushed laptops to the back burner.  Apple is still pushing their Retina Deluxe laptops, now with lower prices. So you think that Google is  just gonna sit by and let Apple get all of that money? Hell to the no bro. They are throwing their new fancy hat into the ring with the newly announced Chromebook Pixar, and it is one sexy looking machine, if laptops are allowed to be considered sexy. They are going to run on Chrome’s OS of course, but to make them light, they will also feature a cloud like storage option, which may be welcoming to some and off putting to others. You may be able to browse the shit out of the Internet on this thing, but you may not be able to run Photoshop. So it depends on what kind of computer user you are and what your intentions and expectations are in a workbook. Many of the expert geek types are already chiming in with their “yays” and “nays” but no one is arguing that it looks cool, and that it doesn’t look like an apple knock off, which is an excellent start for Google in these cool wars that we’re currently in the middle of.

Forbes on the Pixel:

Google’s previous Chromebooks were budget devices aimed at people looking for a second computer. The Pixel is different — it’s aimed squarely at the Macbook Air. It’s a premium product designed to be a status symbol akin to an Apple product. It has a high-resolution touchscreen with a total of 4.2 million pixels that Wired calls “gorgeous.” It’s priced at $1,300 for a standard, 32G version and $1,450 for a Verizon LTE-enabled version with 62G.

Tech Crunch chimes in:

“For a machine aiming at power users, it’s a device surprisingly devoid of power features. ChromeOS is, for all its strengths, still essentially a browser, after all. This thing can’t run Photoshop, which you’d be able to do no problem if you spend $100 less and get a 13-inch MacBook Air. It can play back movies on that gorgeous screen, but not in as many file formats or with as much ease as you could manage with a Lenovo Yoga 13, also cheaper at $1,049.


[via Forbes]


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