The Aquabats Supershow: TV’s Newest Superheroes

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If your favorite indie rock band fought crime, they would still not be as cool as the Aquabats. The Aquabats Super Show is a tremendous combination of music, humor and comic book-style crime fighting. The band by day/crime fighters by night: M.C. Bat Commander (the leader), Crash McLarson, Jimmy The Robot, Ricky Fitness and EagleBones Falconhawk fight new villains each week.

The Aquabats Super Show premiere aired on March 3 on hub. The Aquabats battled hunger and Crash McLarson’s childhood creation, Madant. There were mutant ants, half-man/half-ants, burger rain and lots of fun times. In Episode Two, Jimmy The Robot battles emotions and becoming the parent of a giant egg. Jacobs’s 10 year old son, Oscar created the monster in this episode.

Influenced heavily by Batman and Japanese monster movies, kids of any age will be able to enjoy the fun personalities of the Aquabats, wide variety of villains and catchy songs that tie everything together. And there are cartoons too! Each episode features mini-cartoon adventures of The Aquabat and The Aquabats.

Almost 20 years ago, Christian Jacobs, the Yo Gabba Gabba Co-creator and star/executive producer of The Aquabats started a band in Orange County with a group of friends. The band originally had 12 members and everyone had a nickname based on their real names and personality traits, like EagleBones Falconhawk’s original nickname was “Bones” and his last name is Fowl so we included the strongest birds in there to create EagleBones Falconhawk. They knew that the band members with their music and big personalities, that they could make a good show, but got a bit sidetracked starting families. With small kids at home, Yo Gabba Gabba was born but The Aquabats were always there. As their children grew up, the more interested Jacobs became in creating a show for older children.


The next step will be an album of the songs from Season One in full-length. “We had an album out this time last year. We will be performing in Las Vegas soon, but no full tour schedule right now. “


Yo Gabba Gabba’s Biz Markie would love to be on The Aquabats show. They are just waiting to find the perfect spot for him.


Thank you very much to Christian Jacobs for the interview.


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