MTV, Michael McMillian & True Blood Comics

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True Blood’s McMillian and veteran comics writer Marc Andreyko’s next “True Blood” arc explores what happens when new vampire Jessica Hamby is turned feral by a contaminated bottle of Tru Blood. MTV gets the scoop:

MTV: So what about the story itself? Why is this the right story to tell at this point in the series?

MCMILLIAN: I think it’s cool because the story centers on Tru Blood itself, the bottled blood. Marc and I went into it interested in finding out what areas of the mythology we could build upon that the show would not go into ‚Äî which I think is a great role for the comic book. [The comic can deal with] how to expand the mythology laterally while the show drives all the characters and the story arc forward. The comic can kind of act as another format for the mythology to expand within.

We thought it would be cool to do a story about contaminated bottles of Tru Blood and what would happen if an ingredient got into bottled blood that made vampires go feral, go crazy, I think that really piqued Alan’s interest and IDW’s interest because there hasn’t been anything like that in the show yet. What’s at the heart of the whole mythology is this bottled blood that allows vampires to coexist with humans, so what happens when you take that element and you screw it up? What happens to vampire-human relations at that point?

Those are always my favorite stories of the show, and obviously playing Rev. Newlin I lean that way, but I love the stuff that comes down to the politics of vampires and humans. We wanted to tell a story that would put vampire-human relations at the forefront, and underneath that, all of our human characters are starting to go, “You know, I think life might have been better before all of this stuff started happening to us. I think things might have been better before vampires came into our lives.” There’s this sense of lost innocence that Sookie and Tara and Jason, and even the vampire characters like Jessica, are sort of longing for. And that’s our starting point for Volume 2.

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