Thai Food @ Home Marinade [Review & Giveaway]!

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Thai Food at Home is a home grown shop, dedicated to bringing you a true Thai food experience here in the States.¬† Many of the most popular Thai dishes that are seen in local restaurants are available in the shop including a Tom Yum Soup Kit, a Pad Thai kit [available in a vegetarian option as well], and everyone’s favorite, Thai Iced Tea.

Recently, Thai Food At Home sent me one of their Thai Street Vendor Style Marinades to try out.¬† I will be the first to admit, I am not a fan of Thai food. I’ve tried it multiple times…..and just could never get into it.¬† But upon checking the listing for this particular marinade, I couldn’t resist trying it out.¬† The recipe that is used was passed down to the shop owner by his aunt in Thailand.¬† It is to replicate the meat sold out on the streets in the vendor stands, where locales say the best food is found.

I received the marinade in a small package that was temperature controlled via USPS.  I could smell it outside of the package, which was an indication to me of the quality of ingredients used.


I got together some chicken thighs and drumsticks and then proceeded to follow the marinating directions [which was an easy 3 step process that any level chef could follow] and then handed it off to my husband, who is the only person who touches the grill at my house.  He grilled it up, and brought it in for the company that we had over.

I have to say, maybe I haven’t been to the right Thai restaurants….but the smell of this chicken was insane. It smelled soooo good, and when we tasted it, the chicken was so tender. It literally fell off the bone. Featuring hints of honey, cilantro, garlic and more, I was obsessed.¬† The chicken was gone within minutes and everyone was mad that I had no more marinade LOL. Everyone has been begging me to order more, and I have to say…as a work at home mom of 2 boys, I will be stocking up. It is a quick and simple solution that pleases everyone. Did I mention that the marinade could be frozen for later use? Score!

GIVEAWAY: Thai Food at Home is giving away the Street Vendor Marinade to one lucky NerdLike reader!

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