Pharrell Interviews Leonard Nimoy for ARTST TLK

Pharrell sat down with legendary actor Leonard Nimoy, famous for his role as the original Dr. Spock in the original Star Trek series. In the 25-minute interview, the two discuss Nimoy’s ...

New #Banbossy Campaign Features Beyonce and Condoleeza Rice

A new campaign serving women has been founded by the Girl Scouts of America and Condoleeza Rice. The #banbossy movement hopes to encourage girls and women to embrace leadership roles ...

J.K. Rowling taking Hogwarts to the Stage

Our favorite wizards might one day make it to Broadway.

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Chance the Rapper Remakes “Arthur” Theme Song With Wyclef

  The popular theme song to the childhood favorite “Arthur,” has been remade by Chance the Rapper with appearances by Wyclef Jean and Jessie Ware and many other guests. The original song is an upbeat reggae tune by Ziggy Marley and has an ultra positive theme. Check out the melodic update above. via.

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New Trailer for Chris Nolan’s Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s newest film stars Matthew McConaughey as an astronaut who must leave a decaying Earth in order to find help through a newly discovered wormhole. The new trailer shows McConaughey’s character leaving his devastated children behind to leave Earth with Anne Hathaway on a mission which is vague but is summed up by simply […]

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Beyonce’s “Flawless” Remix feat. Nicki Minaj

Beyonce has hit us with another surprise, int he middle of the night release. This time, it is a remix for “Flawless’” featuring Nicki Minaj. In the song, Beyonce carries on the bad-ass message of the original track, but goes on to dispel rumors about the infamous Solange/Jay-Z elevator incident and also any rumors that […]

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The Mummy Remake Gets a New Release Date

The classic film starring Boris Karloff will get a flashy new remake in 2016. The film is in the beginning stages and will be produced by Robert Orci, Chris Morgan and Scott Daniel (Fast and the Furious). The screenplay was written by John Spaihts, who wrote Prometheus. The big news announced just last week is […]

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New Trailer for Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor Game

  The newest game installment for the Lord of the Rings franchise has just released a new trailer for its latest installment, “Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor.” The game centers around Talion, a ranger that is murdered on the night Sauron return to Mordor, brought back to life by a “spirit of vengeance,” Talion […]

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Mike D Talks About Biggie/Tupac Feud

In an interview for Vanity Fair‘s “In Conversation With” series, Beastie Boys’ Mike D discusses what it was like behind the scenes of the Biggie and Tupac feud back in the early to mid 90s and how the pursuit of legitimacy eventually led to the rap superstars’ untimely deaths. In the short video above, Mike […]

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New Characters Will Bring More Diversity to Marvel Universe

  As promised, Marvel has continued to make changes that involve a more diverse arrangement of characters for an audience that continues to change and grow with the world around it. Two years ago, Northstar, an openly gay superhero, married his lover and Marvel was commended and challenged for it. They have chosen to disregard […]

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